About Zingify, Inc

Did you know that Promotional Products are the only advertising medium capable of engaging all 5 senses?  Once you add a message to a promotional product, it turns an ordinary message into a marketing experience that your audience can see, touch, hear, smell and even taste!

Founded in 1997 by Stacy Schalk, MAS, Zingify is a promotional products marketing company.  With many years of experience, we help you enhance or compliment your marketing strategy with the use of a promotional item.

Anybody can sell you an item with your logo, but we make sure you select the "right" item so it is viewed as marketing piece or gift and not just a product. We consult with you to determine the "right" item for your audience so you get the best bang on your marketing dollars.

We help you motivate your employees, thank your most valued clients, roll out a new product or plan an event.  So...if you are looking for gifts for upcoming corporate outings and events, tournaments, fund-raisers, conventions, training sessions or the holidays ahead, Zingify is sure to help you creatively tell your story and create a lasting experience.

We take pride in providing you the best customer service, follow-through and quality gift ideas.

We would be most happy to work with you and identify those special items or programs to work within your budget and meet your goals. Please call us before your next event and for your general promotional marketing and gift needs.

Zingify, one part business; one part pizzazz!

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